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Newborn Baby Ceramic Sculpture Commission - Custom Sculpture

Completed personalized sculpture of newborn – Ceramic sculpture by Edrian Thomidis


I was brainstorming with some friends about offering personalized sculptures or custom commissions and streamlining the ordering process so that anyone in the U.S. could place an order. The solution I came up with, was to add a Woocommerce plugin to my site to take orders with a deposit. After spending countless hours working out the details like setting up PayPal payments seamlessly, the online ordering system is ready.

I hope you feel confident not only in the product and quality of each commission (I’m very passionate about providing only the best work!), but also confident about the simple online order process.


Personalized Sculpture. Custom Portrait Sculpture.

Personalized Sculpture Sample

I am starting with one line of commissions which are customized baby sculptures and I am offering them in small and medium sizes. Since custom orders are a collaborative effort, I am giving you some creative input. You decide how to embellish the custom portrait sculpture to make it really truly unique to you. The sculptures are perfect as a special way to commemorate the birth of a child.

I will be adding pet / dog portrait sculptures in the near future.

Custom Sculpture. Custom Portrait. Personalized Sculpture.

In the mean time, look around and if you are not ready to order, feel free to share with your friends, loved ones and anyone you know.

As a last thing, sign up to the mailing list. I plan to send out updates and promotions a few times a year.

Thank you,

Edrian Thomidis


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