Mystical Creatures Series

I haven’t posted in a while. Mainly because life happened. Kids were sick (pneumonia sick!) – then husband was sick, and finally I was sick! Now we are all better and I have been able to emerge from this Winter with new ideas that are sprouting as Spring approaches.

This new series, Mystical Creatures was born from a deep belief in a connection between our human condition with our spiritual self. Each creature manifests this spiritual connection in a different manner just as each individual’s spiritual journey is different. It is up to the viewer to deepen and personalize the interpretation of this work.




I am particularly interested in the connection we have with animals and nature, so each figure takes on some wild animal characteristics. The colors are earthy. The textures are quite organic while the markings are geometric as a reminder to the viewer that these creatures are not of this world. Just as we have energy running through our bodies, these creatures have energy currents represented in the markings and Swarovski crystals.



The series will encompass 6 or 7 larger figures similar to the ones shown here, and it will also have some smaller head busts. All figures unless noted, will be available at Artisans on the Avenue.

I post pictures of most of my work as I go along, on Instagram, so follow me there.

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