Live inspired. Live creatively. Be and artist. Be an artsy soul.

My creative spirit is interested in our interactions with our everyday life. To really get into the essential details of our lives, I need to be fully present in each moment. Cherish the “now” with my husband, kids, friends, pets, nature and the world around me. If I am just going through the motions or wishing away the present moment for “the next thing” I am missing the benefit of right now. My soul feeds on the little moments that make up our everyday existence.
My inspiration comes from nature, family, women and children. My ceramic sculptures and mixed media artwork is whimsical with a sense of spirit and deep emotion that shows a connection to the world around it. Often my own ancestry, family history and life experiences have motivated many of my pieces.

I usually feel most inspired by everyday moments, people or things:

  • Family
  • My children
  • My dog
  • A beautiful sunset
  • A cool afternoon breeze
  • A cup of tea and good music
  • A fresh croissant
  • People gathering in outdoor places
  • Wild animals
  • Mysticism
  • Going for a walk or a good run
  • A good book
  • Children’s books
  • Other artists
  • Sitting in my backyard
  • Ancestry
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • and oh, so many other things,

but ultimately my inspiration comes from following my own inner intuition.
~ Edrian Thomidis