2017 Year in Review

Edrian Thomidis Welcomes the New Year 2018

Edrian Thomidis Welcomes the New Year 2018

Happy New Year!

2017 was like riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Magic Kingdom. Not a terribly turbulent year, but definitely some unexpected bumps and turns. Some exciting and some more frighting. On the art front, I had more than 5 exhibitions, won some awards, created my first sculptural series, had some of my larger work purchased, attended a sculpture workshop with a master artist and made some new friends and connections in the mean time. I also received my first hate mail ever. I joined another local art group and expanded my Etsy store. I continue to get pet commissions. Providing comfort to others with my art is a very rewarding part of my job.

I closed the year with a wonderful opportunity to teach classes and explore a partnership. I begin 2018 feeling grateful and looking forward to what my 3rd year of doing the art thing will bring. I am ready! I wish you all a very creative, healthy and happy new year!!!

PS: Thank you for your continued support, comments, follows, likes and shares, they bring a smile to my face. To those that like my work enough to make it their own and take into their home, your appreciation means more than you know.

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